Andy De Vito

Head of Experiential

Started with Blackjack:
2009 – 2013, then back for round 2 in 2016

Key Skills/Experience:
Working across all aspects of the business has given me a great understanding of delivering an activation at all levels. Utilising my knowledge in design and production allows us to deliver projects end to end from initial creative concepts through to providing the correct staff and fulfilling our clients needs.

Gym, Cooking, Sports


Having no food

What was your first impression of Blackjack?
A great company that really invests in their employees.

A special moment at Blackjack… 
Being promoted to Head of Experiential 8 years after joining Blackjack as part of the shop floor team!

What is a typical day at Blackjack like?
How long do you have…

One thing you probably did not know about me is…
I once ate 26 slices of pizza at a Pizza Hut buffet

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